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Indo Pacific Policy of US


In 2018, America renamed its pentagon pacific command into Pentagon indo pacific command, its sole purpose was to contain China and for that matter, India was selected as a forerunner of this expedition. Currently, the US and China are in a state of the cold war, which is being fought …

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Creation of Taliban

Creation of taliban

The Taliban has taken over Kabul without any strong resistance after twenty years of melee. The west, who came to eradicate terrorism, in 2001, is leaving with heads down and calling the same guys as ‘country boys’, whom they called terrorists once. It is another mystery that either US came …

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Afghanistan Reboot

Afghanistan reboot

The horrific scenes from Kabul airport, where two teenagers died from the felling of the US warplane. It was not expected that the Afghan capital will be conquered that soon, the insurgents swiped all the major cities within seven days without any strong resistance. It was even told by Taliban …

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