Are cats good pets?

Are cats good pets? that’s up to you to decide, but we will help you learn some facts and figures about cats for you to better understand a cat as a pet.

Let us start by going back to ancient history, where cats were worshipped. This shows the importance and the status of the cats. Before cats Egyptians used to worship lioness, but later they shifted to cats, cats still hold a respectable place in Egypt, but they no longer worship cats. Remember, cats were goddesses in ancient Egypt.

One of the best habits of cats is that they look after themselves, they groom themselves, and they clean themselves. So they are very clean, and you don’t need to bath them regularly. This will save you some time and energy and also some money as you don’t need to take them to a cats’ parlor.

The expense of having a cat is very low, as they eat less food, they don’t need toys to play with, and most of all they are easy to potty train, and use litter which is not that expensive and it lasts for almost a month.

Cats are very quiet, you won’t hear unnecessary noise from the cats as compared to other pets. They are also very friendly and will never hurt anyone, unlike dogs. They are very smart indoor pets, and they will even make you smarter according to a study done by Caroll University, those who own a cat score more in the test.

Cats don’t need your undivided attention, most of the time they are sleeping, almost 15hrs. So out of 24hrs, they are awake for the only 9hrs, and even in those 9hrs, they need only a few minutes of attention. They will come to you so that you can pet them, and it will only take 5-10mins.

Cats are very good in-house pet, as cats don’t need to go out of the house for a walk, cats use litter which is inside the house, they don’t damage your household items. They are quite and friendly and can be good with kids.

People with anxiety or depression should have a pet, and a cat can be a very good option. Most people find cats’ purr is therapeutic. Also cats’ like to play with more energy as they get 15hrs of sleep a day so their energy level is very high.

Loyalty is a very rare term for cats, as cats see you as their equal and their loyalty is dependent upon their desire, if they are loyal to you that doesn’t mean that they are thankful to you. No! cats are loyal to you just because of their desire.

Cats occasionally sleep with their owner, cats do that because when they sleep they are at their most vulnerable state and would love to have some security, and also to get love from their owner. If your cat sleeps with you that means your cat trusts you.

Let us take you to the other side of the story. Cats are one of the most selfish pets, they may not even love you. They have this ego, and they think they are equal or better than you. Researchers debate that cats might not even show a little affection to their owners. But once again, it changes from cat to cat.

There are almost 71 different breeds of cats according to the ICA (International Cats Association). So you have 71 different options to choose from. Given that there are 71 different cats, it is not possible that all of them can live in the same environment.

5 popular cat breeds:

According to CFA(Cat Fanciers’ Association), the following are the most popular breeds of cats:

  1. Exotic short hair
  2. Ragdoll
  3. British short hair
  4. Persian
  5. Maine Coon


In general, cats are quiet, playful, and friendly, they surely make a good pet. But it’s up to you to decide for yourself that either you are a dog person or a cat person. We leave it for you to decide.

Do write back to us, we love to hear feedback. Also, tell us in the comment section what kind of pet you have and why?


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