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Covid and Supply Chain

Supply chain & covid

Covid & Supply chain are now linked. As the world attempts to deal with the current COVID-19 flare-up, the attention is properly on networks treating those tainted, organizations securing workers around the world, and all things considered containing the infection to restrict worldwide wellbeing sway. Supply Chain and Covid are …

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Top 5 Advanced Excel Functions You Must Know in 2021


  In 2020, after 25 years of its launch, Microsoft excel still holds a credible place in the eyes of finance professionals. It is still relevant for finance professionals after decades of its launch because of its new features that help its users to save their time. In this article, …

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Top 3 Free Resources to learn Data Science

Nowadays, learning has become so easy that people don’t have excuses about not to learn. There are mindblowing resources out there for you to learn any time anywhere at your pace. Although you must be thinking that many courses out there are paid, it is right in some way as …

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Are cats good pets?

Are cats good pet?

Are cats good pets? that’s up to you to decide, but we will help you learn some facts and figures about cats for you to better understand a cat as a pet. Let us start by going back to ancient history, where cats were worshipped. This shows the importance and …

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Complete Guide of Profitable Facebook Leads Generation

guide of facebook leads ads

The COVID-19 puts everything on lockdown which results in the increased usage of social media. It won’t be wrong if we say that only businesses with the social media presence survived this disastrous virus. All the social media platforms have their importance but Facebook emerged as the main source of …

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