Complete Guide of Profitable Facebook Leads Generation

The COVID-19 puts everything on lockdown which results in the increased usage of social media. It won’t be wrong if we say that only businesses with the social media presence survived this disastrous virus. All the social media platforms have their importance but Facebook emerged as the main source of marketing and letting small businesses survive with the help of their effective marketing options included in their Facebook ads manager. So, this complete guide of profitable Facebook leads generation ads will help you to improve your business as well

In the second quarter of 2020, when COVID-19 was on its peak, Facebook was having 2.7 Billion active users monthly. But the question is how we can run Facebook Ads? Is it easy to run? Is it worth running ads on Facebook? All the answers regarding Facebook ads particularly lead ad are answered below. Read! Implement! Repeat! Until you succeed.

SO Let’s Begin to Learn Facebook Leads Ad

If you are reading this article it means you already have a Facebook page. So directly come to the topic The Facebook leads generation Ads will get you the potential list of customers, Amazing right? You just have to run the ads there is some amount behind it but the rest of the work is done by Facebook so why not smartly let Facebook work for you. It is very easy, trust me if I can run these ads then you can run too.

So let’s learn How to run lead ads. To run Facebook lead ads, there are two ways through which these types of ads can be created, one is through the Ad centre on the page and the other is through Ads Manager. Let see first way:

Facebook Leads Generation Through Ad Center:

If you open your page then you will get tabs in top front click Ad Center which is right next to the Page tab. After clicking Ad centre you will get a button of Create Ad on both sides of the page, click on the button like mentioned in the pic below


fb leads ads


Now when you click that button a new window will open in front of you in which Facebook gives you multiple objectives for running ads but you will notice that “recommended” is written with leads Ad which means it is important in the perspective of marketing. For example, when you go to any shop you ask the shopkeeper to show the best product they have, similarly, Facebook recommends Lead Ads.


Fb leads ads


Facebook Leads form

After Clicking Get more leads there is another window pop up which will ask you to create a form for your leads. In the form, you have to ask the relevant contact details so that you can contact them later. It is suggested to make a unique form name so that after saving this form you can reuse it later for other lead ads.

Fb leads form

After saving the form you have to click next then the Ads creative window will open where you have to decide through which format you want to run ads. It can be a single image, a video or it can be a slideshow as well. After that, you have to select that file from the browsing library or you can use free stock Image. Remember One thing in using a single image that it should not have text more than 20% although Facebook has removed the limit of 20% text still its algorithm favours the creatives with less than 20% text otherwise, your ad will not run effectively.


fb ads


Then write Headline and text which is to be seen on the ad like it shows a preview on the right side of it.  Remember that there are some advertising policies of Facebook which you have to keep in mind while running an ad if you didn’t follow those policies then Facebook will not approve your ad and you can get banned as well, for your convenience link is given below to read advertising policies.

Facebook Advertising Policies: Click Here

So After completing this information, you have to select the Call to action button which is up to you that which type of button suits your business. There is a special ad category if you want to give ads about employment, housing, or credit, for that purpose you have to be authorized to run these types of ads.

Facebook Ads Audience Creation

After that you have to create an audience to whom you want to show this ad. This is the most important part of the ad because if you did not select the audience right it will not deliver results as per your expectations and your money will be wasted in this case. So after thorough research create your audience. For creating audience you will have to click edit like in the pic below


Fb ads audience


After clicking edit, there is another window will open where you can create your audience which you want to target. You can target based on Gender, Age, Location, and Interests. It is better to narrow down your audience so that you do no show ads to the irrelevant people. You can also exude people with interests, who are not included in your targeted audience. If your audience meter is in green then you are good to go and refrain from the red region.  After creating an audience you have to select the number of days you want to run the ads and with the end date. It is suggested with experience to run ads for at least 4 days.

Then comes the budget, if you want to get something great out of Facebook ads then it is preferred to at least spend $ 10 per day.  When you see your ads are running well you can scale up the budget if you want. If you cannot take a risk of $ 10 per day then a minimum $ 5 can be used to run Facebook ads. But that can only be done in underdeveloped countries like Pakistan, Indian and Bangladesh etc. You must have listened that “something is better than nothing” so $ 5 plus your dedication will work as well.

In the end, you have to select that from which account you want to pay. It is preferred to have a Credit card as there will be frequent payments, so don’t have to open again and again. Your ad is completed now. Hit the promote button and wait for the approval. It generally takes 3,4 hours in approval but max it will be approved in 24 hours if there is no violation of policies.

fb Ads audience


In this part, Ad centre method is explained with pictures and if I can make you understand how these ads run. In the next article, I will share the Ads manager way and will tell you why Ads manager is preferred. But wait! How do I know that you understood what is explained here?. So sent us an email on our official address to let us know what you have learned and if you want the second part or not? I am waiting for your responses!!!!


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