Complete Information regarding PMP Certification

What you think about, how a person becomes noticeable amongst a bunch of people? The answer lies in the Unique Selling Point. To keep it simple, let’s see the example mentioned hereafter. For example, David bought 10 plain cups at the cost of $5 each. Now, he wants to sell those cups at the rate of $10 each. However, no one takes interest in his simple cups. David introspected and came up with an idea that he will sell customized cups by printing pics of buyers on the cup. With this unique selling point, he was able to sell cups at the rate of $20 each. Therefore, a Unique selling point is a key to becoming noticeable in the horde of people.

Similarly, Project Management Professional(PMP) is a supreme certification in the domain of Project management. It is offered by Project Management Institute(PMI ). PMI is a pioneer of this certification. Nowadays, this certification has become a benchmark of excellence for project managers worldwide. let’s dive into the article which is about completer information regarding PMP certification.

Eligibility Criteria for PMP 

As per the eligibility criteria, there are two scenarios to check. 

  • A high school certificate, 1-5 years of project management experience with 7500 hours in any role in a project, and 35 hours of project management education
  • 4 Years bachelor’s degree, 3 years of experience with 4500 in any role related to a project, and 35 hours of project management education. 

PMP Learning Investment

The learning investment for PMP certification is different for different regions; however, the members have the leverage to get discount on exam fee.

PMP Certification Exam Insights

PMP certification exam consists of 180 questions, these questions are divided into three portions: People, Process, and Business environment. The people portion checks the capability of a project manager to lead and motivate his team. The process part scrutinizes the project manager’s approach toward the project, and whether he is capable of predicting and adopting a pertinent strategy for a project. The last part of the exam comprises of Business environment, it identifies if the project manager can foresee the impacts of a project on organizational goals.

PMP Certification Exam Training in Pakistan

There is only one PMI-recognized partner in Pakistan. Blue Peaks Consulting is the sole partner of PMI USA to conduct PMP training in Pakistan. For the past several years, Blue Peaks Consulting has been training project managers for PMP certification with sheer excellence. They provide complete information regarding PMP certification. The reason behind their effectiveness is that they not only provide PMP training but also support their participants in every phase of PMP certification from registration to exam.

Complete Information regarding project management professional Certification


To conclude, if you are looking to excel in your career exponentially  then this is the certification that you should do. Moreover, according to research project managers with PMP certification receive at least 16% higher salary then others. Therefore, get yourself ready to become a brand in the domain of project management.


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