Current Affairs MCQS CSS 2022

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The book "Pakistan; A hard Country" was written by

The capital of Canada is

The Book "The Great Illusion" was written by

Total Members of SAARC

The Book "No Higher Owner" was written by

Currency of Norway

The book "Sapiens" was written by

Current President of UN general assembly

Total Member in European Union

The headquarter of ECO is in

How many matches won in a row by Squash Legend Jahangir Khan

Dr Abdul Qadir died on

Current Secretary of State in the US

The length of Burj Khalifa

Name of current Chinese Foreign minister

CIS is a regional Organization Situated in

Kautilya was the Chief Advisor of

Mariupol is the name of city of

_______________Session of Council of Foreign Minister of OIC was held in Islamabad in March 2022

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