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How to Setup Facebook Business Manager?

A Facebook business manager is a place where you can manage multiple business pages at the same place. Facebook ID is needed to set up a business manager. It is better to run ad campaigns in business manager instead of personal ad account as in business manager you can add …

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Common Interview Questions for Finance Jobs

common interview questions

If you have completed your bachelor’s or master’s in Finance or Accounting, you should be ready for the questions asked in interviews. Apart from personality, the interviewer will check your technical knowledge for the post. Therefore, the basic financial concepts are important for any finance related job interview. This article …

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Petroleum products: Death knell for Pakistan’s Economy

petroleum products

The country of a 220 million population is suffering from hyperinflation. Recently, the government of Pakistan has raised the prices of petroleum products by almost 40%. The sharp plummet in the economy is because of sheer mismanagement, the country’s foreign reserves and current account balance took an acute fall. The …

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