Facebook brawls with Apple over IOS update

where 2020 was full of uncertainty and fear because of the global pandemic, there we are witnessing biggest corporate brawl between Facebook and Apple.

Apple recently launched a new IOS update in which the user has the option to block the Facebook tracking. Apple is facilitating its users while Facebook is taking a stand for marketers. As marketers on the Facebook platform will not be able to track the efficiency of the campaign if their audience opt-out of Facebook tracking.

The brawl is getting intense as Facebook removed the blue tick from Apple’s Facebook page. It seems that Facebook has taken this as a serious threat because they are against this policy and they are expressing their concern on every major media platform.

The reason Facebook is so openly criticizing Apple’s new update is their own interest. Facebook is getting Billions of Dollars in revenue due to Facebook Ads. This policy restricts Facebook to measure the efficiency of Ads through Facebook pixels. This update of Apple in return will decrease the marketers on Facebook because of the ineffective results of ads.

This scene is getting intense day by day lets see who is the winner at the end as both are giants. so grab your popcorn and follow us for more update on this brawl.

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