Indo Pacific Policy of US

In 2018, America renamed its pentagon pacific command into Pentagon indo pacific command, its sole purpose was to contain China and for that matter, India was selected as a forerunner of this expedition. Currently, the US and China are in a state of the cold war, which is being fought on multiple grounds, it has become tense after the US launched the initiative of Bring Back Better world against china’s One belt road initiative.

This cold war between the US and China is acting as a stimulus for the Chinese on the heights of Ladakh, Sikkim, Galvan valley, and Arunachala Pradesh. China seized 1000 km area of India with ease, India failed to get even 1 meter of the area back, instead got killed 40 plus soldiers without a single bullet being fired.

China got Hong Kong back after 99 years from Great Britain without even taking an aggressive stance, why a country, which is on the verge of becoming a superpower at the behest of its economy, will show sudden and unnecessary aggression? Its answer lies in US Indo pacific policy, where India pledged to counter china under the support of the US but it seems like India has poked a dormant lion who is now teaching him a valuable lesson on its territory.

Is India have any options to create turbulence for China? Let’s see! – At present, China has only one route for oil trade which goes through the Strait of Malacca, Malaysia. Though India is not capable of blocking that route, China on the counter strike initiated two (2) projects that can shorten its route for oil trade and military arsenal movements to its bases in the Indian Ocean.

First, CPEC goes through Pakistan and it will be the shortest route for China’s oil trade. The second is to create a Thai canal or Kra canal in Thailand and use that route to reach the Indian Ocean. China has also offered $ 30 Billion to the Thai government for canal creation. Upon the completion of these routes, the indo pacific policy will die its death. It will also make India more vulnerable, which is also facing difficulty on the Nepal border and Nagaland.

indo pacific policy


Blueline: CPEC
Red Line: Thai canal route
Blackline: Route in use

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